Women and Child Welfare Related Services in Time Bound Manner

The entire Women and Child Welfare Department has also been brought under the ambit of the Karnataka Guaranteed Citizen Services Act, 2011 to give unmatched services to the people of Karnataka. Here are the various services offered by the Department of Labour and the time Liens for the same,

  • Enrollment of 0-3, 3-6 children in anganwadi centres (Supplementary Nutrition, health checkup, immunization & referral services) – 03 Days
  • Enrollment of pregnant and lactating mothers in anganwadi centres (Supplementary Nutrition, Health checkup, Immunization, Referral services and health education) – 3 Days
  • Disability Certificate and Identity Card for Differently Abled Persons – 7 Days
  • Senior Citizen Identity Card – 7 Days

The entire List of Services and Officers who will discharge the same is provided here in the Manual of Women and Child Welfare [PDF] under Karnataka Citizen Services Act, Sakala. Thi is required if you have to file a complaint or appeal against quality of service offered.