SSLC Board / Public Instruction Services Offered and Stipulated Time

Government has brought the SSLC Borad / Department & Director / Commissioner of Public Instruction under the ambit of Sakala / Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act, 2011 to provide transparency in the Statewide Public Education Department. Here are the various Services Offered along with Time Deadlines for rendering those services,

  • Re-totalling of marks securedin the DDPI / SSLCexamination – 15 Days
  • Revaluation ofExaminationpapers – 30 days
  • Issue of Duplicate Marks Card /ProvisionalMarks Card – 30 Days
  • Disposal of application for Registration ofnew educationalinstitutions – 30 Days
  • Recognition / Renewal – 15 Days

You can download the complete Manual of SSLC / DDPI / Commissioner of Public Instruction under the Karnataka Citizens Services Act.[PDF] This covers mostly the education and school services until SSLC.