Rural Development Panchayat Raj – Services and Timeline

The Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department has been brought under the ambit of Sakala / Karantaka Citizens Services Act. The services covered by the Department are as follows along with the time within which they should be rendered,

  • Maintenance of Drinking Water and Street Lights – Within 3 Days
  • Maintenance of Village sanitation – 7 Days
  • Providing employmentto unskilled labours(MGNREGS) – 15 Days
  • e-payment for the work executed underdevelopmental schemes – 15 Days
  • Issuing of records related to population census, crop census, cattle census, persons below poverty line and other recordscompulsorilymaintained by Gram Panchyatah – 30 Days
  • Alteration of Assessment list – 45 Days
  • General licence (Trade Licence) – 45 Days
  • Building license – 60 Days
  • NOC to Escoms – 45 Days

The complete set of Services along with the officers and the offices from where these services are offered is listed in the Karnataka Services Manual of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj. [PDF] It also lists the appellate authority and with whom to file complaints in case of disputes.