RTO / State Transport- All Services Offered + TimeLines

In a Historic Move to curb corruption and bring transparency in administration, the Government of Karnataka has brought all the Regional Transport Offices under the ambit of Sakala / Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act, 2011. Thus all RTO Offices across Karnataka have to provide the following services to Citizens within allotted time as mentioned below.

  • Learning License / LLR – 7 Days
  • Driving License / Duplicate Licence – 30 Days
  • Registrationof Vehicle – 7 Days
  • DuplicateRegistrationCertificate – 30 Days
  • Bus pass forschoolchildren – 7 Days
  • Free Bus passfor FreedomFighters – 15 Days
  • Concession Bus pass for physicallychallengedperson – 15 Days
  • Accident Relief – 30 Days

You can download the exclusive Karnataka RTO / Transport Department Guaranteed Citizens Service Manual [PDF] The detailed Duties of Officers and Deadlines within which they serve the Citizens in any RTO / State Transport Department is available in the manual.