Medical and ESI facilities for Citizens of Karnataka in Time Bound Manner

The Karnataka Government has initiated transparent Governance in ESI Hospitals and Medical Facilities towards qualifying citizens. Here are the various services rendered in a time bound manner which is very commendable

  • Submission of MedicalReimbursement Bills ofIP’s – By Administrative
    MedicalOfficer within 15 Days
  • Sanction of Medical Reimbursements Bill of IP’s – By Medical
    Superintendent, ESI Hospitals /Diagnostic Centre – 60 Days
  • Submission of Super SpecialityMedical Reimbursement bills toDirectorate / ESIC – Within 30 Days
  • Submission towards sanction ofDeposits for Super SpecialityTreatment to ESIC – Within 3 Days
  • Sanction of Medical Reimbursements Bill of IP’s at Directorate level to be sanctioned by Office Superintendentsof Concerned MedicalReimbursement Section within 60 Days

You can download the complete Karnataka Medical Services and ESIS / ESIC benefits Manual [PDF] which shows Detailed Duties of various authorities and the Appealete Authority in case if you have to file a complaint.