Industries & Small Factories + Safety Departments – Services in Time Bound Manner

The Government of Karnataka under the able leadership of Chief Minister, D V Sadananad Gowda has brought the Department of Factories, Industries, Boilers and Industrial Safety and Health Under the Karnataka Citizens Services Act, Sakala effective from today. Here are the various services offered by the above department in time bound manner,

  • Approval of Factory plans – 90 Days
  • Registration of Factories and issue oflicence – 90 Days
  • Amendment/ Transfer of licence/Issue of duplicate licence – 60 Days
  • Disposal of complaints – 60 Days
  • Approval of Boiler and Pressure part Manufacturing drawing/ steampipeline and pipeline layout drawings – 60 Days
  • Registration of Boilers, Economisersand Steam pipelines – 90 Days
  • Issue of Boiler Certificate on annualinspection – 17 Days

The entire Industrial, Factory / Boiler and Industrial safety Manual [PDF] under the Karnataka Guaranteed Services Act, 2011 is here. This is required to know where to file appeal and complaints if any.