Health + Family Welfare + Drugs + Ayush – Services and Deadlines

The Government of Karnataka under D V Sadanand Gowda has brought the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Drugs Control and Ayush departments under the Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act, 2011-12 also known as Sakala. Here are the Various Services Offered by these Depts and the Deadlines in rendering the same.

  • Issue of discharge certificate and sterilization certificate – 1 Day
  • Issue of Disability Certificate – Medical Board – 30 Days
  • Issue of wound Certificate – Medical Officer – 3 Days
  • Issue of age certificate – Medical Officer – 3 Days

The Services Offered by Drugs Control Department are as follows,

  • Issue and Renewal of License – Asst. Drug Controller 30 Days
  • Change addition / deletion of Registered Pharmacist – 7 Days
  • Change addition / deletionof Competent person, Name Change – 7 Days

Services Offered by AYUSH Dept

  • Issue of Medical Certificate – 5 Days
  • License for establishment of Drug Store – 30 Days
  • Issue of performance and no conviction certificates as per Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules there under – 30 Days

You can Download the exclusive Karnataka Health and Family Welfare, Drugs and Ayush Services Guarantee Manual [PDF] which shows the detailed Duties of Officers and Deadlines within which they serve the Citizens in any of the above Town Municipal Council limits.