Medical and ESI facilities for Citizens of Karnataka in Time Bound Manner

The Karnataka Government has initiated transparent Governance in ESI Hospitals and Medical Facilities towards qualifying citizens. Here are the various services rendered in a time bound manner which is very commendable

  • Submission of MedicalReimbursement Bills ofIP’s – By Administrative
    MedicalOfficer within 15 Days
  • Sanction of Medical Reimbursements Bill of IP’s – By Medical
    Superintendent, ESI Hospitals /Diagnostic Centre – 60 Days
  • Submission of Super (more…)

Health + Family Welfare + Drugs + Ayush – Services and Deadlines

The Government of Karnataka under D V Sadanand Gowda has brought the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Drugs Control and Ayush departments under the Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act, 2011-12 also known as Sakala. Here are the Various Services Offered by these Depts and the Deadlines in rendering the same.

  • Issue of discharge certificate and sterilization certificate – 1 Day
  • Issue of Disability Certificate – Medical Board – 30 Days
  • Issue of wound Certificate – Medical Officer – 3 Days
  • Issue of age certificate – Medical Officer – 3 Days

The Services Offered by Drugs Control (more…)

Town Panchayat – Services Offered and Timelines under Sakala

The Town Panchayats of the State of Karnataka are now covered under the Sakala / Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act, 2011. The TMCs are bound to provide following services in Time Bound Manner,

  • Issue of Birth, Death & Still Birth Certificate by Chief Officer – 3 to 7 Days
  • Khatha Extract/Certificate – by Chief Officer – 3 to 7 Days
  • Grant of Licence for carrying out trades as prescribed (more…)

SSLC Board / Public Instruction Services Offered and Stipulated Time

Government has brought the SSLC Borad / Department & Director / Commissioner of Public Instruction under the ambit of Sakala / Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act, 2011 to provide transparency in the Statewide Public Education Department. Here are the various Services Offered along with Time Deadlines for rendering those services,